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formasfunction's Avatar

Logout link obscured in header nav for users with long email addresses.

resolved 2 17 Jul, 2010 08:17 PM by Nick Quaranto
grigio's Avatar

no such file to load -- rubygems/commands/migrate

resolved 16 17 Jul, 2010 08:16 PM by Nick Quaranto
rob's Avatar

Gem propagation

resolved 6 17 Jul, 2010 08:05 PM by Nick Quaranto
greg's Avatar

owner rspe_multi_matchers

resolved 3 17 Jul, 2010 06:05 AM by Maksar
robz's Avatar

Republish the same version after yanking doesn't seem to work

resolved 1 16 Jul, 2010 10:21 PM by Nick Quaranto
Tim Pope's Avatar

Combining legacy rubyforge account with existing account.

resolved 3 16 Jul, 2010 02:56 PM by Nick Quaranto
Lee Hinman's Avatar

Permissions to push a gem I (should) own

resolved 1 16 Jul, 2010 02:37 PM by Nick Quaranto
Jesse Farmer's Avatar

Remove ShopStyle 0.31 gem

resolved 1 16 Jul, 2010 02:09 PM by John Barnette
blazar's Avatar

gem install hanging

resolved 3 15 Jul, 2010 02:53 PM by tbecker
jek's Avatar

FreeBSD 8 + SQLite3-ruby

resolved 1 14 Jul, 2010 12:36 AM by Eric Hodel
drnicwilliams's Avatar

[patch] fix generated comment in gems' executable wrapper

open 1 10 Jul, 2010 09:30 PM by John Barnette
Abder-Rahman's Avatar


resolved 3 09 Jul, 2010 09:12 PM by Eric Hodel
aaron.patterson's Avatar

The "current_version" variable is unused.

resolved 1 09 Jul, 2010 09:00 PM by John Barnette
Ankur's Avatar

Including download count in the daily marshal, Marshal.4.8.Z

resolved 2 08 Jul, 2010 01:46 PM by Nick Quaranto
byrnejb's Avatar

Is there a way to prevent a particular gem from being updated by gem update?

resolved 3 06 Jul, 2010 08:34 PM by Eric Hodel
raja's Avatar

Doesnot appear to be a Repository

resolved 2 05 Jul, 2010 04:13 PM by raja
Michel Martens's Avatar

gem yank --undo fails if it's the only gem

resolved 3 05 Jul, 2010 02:44 PM by Nick Quaranto
raimonds.simanovskis's Avatar dashboard layout problem after login with long e-mail address

resolved 1 05 Jul, 2010 02:36 PM by Nick Quaranto
James's Avatar

gem build command creates gem file with "unknown" in the name

resolved 1 01 Jul, 2010 08:18 PM by Eric Hodel
tom's Avatar

Unable to install latest gem version

resolved 2 28 Jun, 2010 03:30 PM by tom
martinciu's Avatar

gem install pickle-mongoid doesn't work

resolved 1 28 Jun, 2010 03:23 PM by Nick Quaranto
Simon's Avatar

Move gem from one account, to another?

resolved 2 27 Jun, 2010 06:58 PM by Nick Quaranto
DSpaeth's Avatar

gem install activerecord-jdbc-adapter removes execute permission on the current directory

open 3 25 Jun, 2010 04:45 AM by SHAD0WRUNNER
Matt's Avatar

Ownership of one of our gems

resolved 3 22 Jun, 2010 06:32 PM by Matt
Tomash's Avatar

registration confirmation e-mail not received

resolved 1 22 Jun, 2010 05:33 PM by Nick Quaranto
ben's Avatar

SQLite3 error compiling

resolved 1 16 Jun, 2010 06:55 PM by Eric Hodel
Ben Reinhart's Avatar

Installing ruby on rails on RHEL 5.4 (x86_64) with ruby gems

resolved 15 15 Jun, 2010 09:46 PM by ben
Bryan Goines's Avatar

permanently remove 'mango' from

resolved 2 15 Jun, 2010 08:55 PM by Nick Quaranto
jrochkind's Avatar

gem pushing permissions

resolved 8 15 Jun, 2010 08:55 PM by Nick Quaranto
Andrew's Avatar

still can't solve 'checking for sqlite3.h... no'

resolved 3 14 Jun, 2010 08:35 PM by Eric Hodel

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